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CONTACT INFORMATION:  Business Number: 209.345.4026 EMAIL INFORMATION:  [email protected] Please contact us and leave a message. For your convenience we have created the form below. Thank you for taking your time contacting us. We look forward to doing business with you!


  • Jose Castillo January 17, 2024

    Are you interested in a straightforward cleaning quote that meets the specific needs of your company? Let me know if you’d like some information about our services or references in your area. I’d be available to provide a no-obligation cleaning estimate based on your cleaning expectations and specifications.

    Wishing you the best holidays ever!

    Jose Castillo
    System4 San Joaquin Valley
    [email protected]

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  • Randall Martin March 13, 2024


    Skyline Building Care is a local, top-quality cleaning company specializing in cleaning commercial facilities including churches, offices, schools, and medical buildings.

    We can guarantee reliable janitors and a thoroughly cleaned facility at an affordable cost.

    If you’re interested in a complimentary no-obligation quote, simply respond to this email and I’ll be in touch!

    “You exceeded our expectations. Having worked 25 years in a service business, I appreciate professional people who know their job and perform it well. Thank you for the outstanding work!” —Jim, Fremont

    “We had serious problems with our previous cleaning company. Skyline immediately fixed the problems and I am pleased that they haven’t reoccurred.” —Bill, Walnut Creek


    Randall Martin
    Skyline Building Care
    [email protected]

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